I’m sure you are used to the run of the mill game review, the out of 10 grade system (which works perfectly fine), but what you’ll be getting here at The College Gamer is a bit different. As a college student, I come to a crossroads at every major game release. Do I spend my hard earned money on this? I’m sure that’s a question you all ask yourselves.

Most big name sites review video games on some sort of number scale, which can be divisive at times. I may give a game a 6/10, but to you, it could be an 8/10. Because we might not enjoy the game in the same way, or someone might not enjoy the game at all.

I aim to simply tell you whether or not I enjoyed a game, what I liked/disliked about it, and if (in my own opinion) you should buy the game for yourself. I’ll also describe the game, tell you how many hours I’ve played the game, and give a list of buzz words in case you could care less about my description.

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